• Make sure you are NOT in low power mode (battery saver)
  • Login to your app in an area with good cell service or wifi
  • When you first PAIR goggles to your phone, it MUST be done through the REKKIE App, and if you are shown a system level prompt asking to pair the goggles, you need to press "CANCEL" or "IGNORE"
  • As soon as you pair your goggles, check to see if a firmware update is available for the goggles in the advanced section of the goggles tab on the app

If these tips don't work, please proceed to check the rest of the settings and permissions below.

1. Onboarding

When you download the app, and complete sign up, you are presented with the onboarding process. During the onboarding process key permission prompts are rendered, and it is critical that you give the app full access to the resources requested.

1.1 Location

Specifically, the first prompt that is requested is the location permissions. Ensure that you tap on Precise Location and set the duration to “While Using the App”. 

Location Settings

1.3 Bluetooth

Next, the app will request access to seek nearby devices, this is Android’s Bluetooth permission and we need full access to this permission. If we do not have the right access here, your goggles will either fail to be discovered, or a connection may not be maintained during the course of interaction with the app.

As you discover the goggles, and connect to them, you may be shown a System Level notification asking you to pair the goggles. This is directly from the android OS, you may safely hit cancel or simply ignore the prompt. 

2. Optional Features

2.1 Notifications in Goggles

Once your goggles are connected, you will need to ensure notifications are turned on so that REKKIE goggles can read your notifications. Remember that your notifications are never sent to REKKIE backend, and nobody besides you can read the contents of your notifications. This is only possible AFTER goggles are successfully connected to the app and you see the goggles listed in the goggles tab of the REKKIE Companion App. Click on the “” icon that is visible in the Goggles tab, based on your screen size and resolution you may have to scroll down.

Notifications Settings

This will segue you to a screen as shown below. Ensure you enable REKKIE and tap Proceed. Toggle the below switch on

Notification Settings Turned On

2.2 Spotify / Music Controls

To optionally control Spotify music, you will need to first download the Spotify App if you have not already, and sign in with your Spotify account. The Spotify account does not need to use the same email as the REKKIE email. Once installed and logged in to the Spotify app, return to the REKKIE app, tap on the goggles tab and scroll down until you see pair with Spotify. Tapping on that will automatically open the relevant Spotify connection and associate the account. Remember that if you have already done this before, the login prompt to authorize REKKIE simply will disappear indicating success.

3. Permission Review

A quick way to verify this is to open REKKIE’s permissions in the system settings and ensure yours matches up with below. Special callout to ensure “Unused app settings” to off. Android can automatically revoke permissions that you have already granted. Please ensure that is not the case, and the “Pause App Activity” is OFF.

Permissions Unused App

You can see a more detailed view by hitting “All Permissions” on the top right and matching the below

Permissions 2

Permissions 3

Permissions 4

Permissions 5

Permissions 6

Permissions 7

Permissions 8