Warning! Skiing and other activities are inherently dangerous and REKKIE is not responsible for any injuries of deaths that occur while using REKKIE goggles.

Device is only intended for alpine skiing and snowboarding by experienced skiers/riders 13 years of age or older. Do not use with glasses. Always use with a helment and be aware of your surroundings.

In the Box

  • REKKIE Goggles

  • USB-C Charging Cable

  • Microfiber Goggle Pouch (doubles as a lens cleaning cloth)
*If your unit does not have a power switch, turn on by pressing large button and turn off by holding down large button for 4 seconds (once you see the power logo you can release the button and the goggle will power down).

Phone App Required

REKKIE goggles require a phone running the companion REKKIE app to function.

The first time you open the app you'll need to sign up and you will be prompted to enable bluetooth, location sharing, and notification permissions. These are required for the goggles to connect, send data back and forth with your phone, and share your location with your group.

Goggles Setup

Step 1: Charge Goggles

Use the included USB-C (or any other USB-C) cable until indicator light switches from red to green. A full charge typically takes 3-5 hours (don't worry -- if you skip this step your goggles might not last all day on the mountain but it won't hurt the battery)

Step 2: Switch Goggles On

Flip the switch on the bottom of the goggles to the "on" position. Within a few seconds the indicator light should turn blue (if goggles are charged) and a pairing pin will appear on the display.

Step 3: Pair with Phone

Navigate to the goggles tab on the phone app and enter the pairing pin that appears on the goggle display. After successful pairing, follow the prompts to confirm pairing and enable notifications.

Note: For iOS users, for notifications to appear in the goggles you must have notification previews set to "always" or "when unlocked" (iPhone settings --> Notifications --> Show Previews)

Step 4: Update Goggles Firmware

After pairing, you may be prompted on the app to update, or go to the “Goggles” tab in the app and select “Advanced” settings and scroll to the bottom to see if an update is available

Using the Goggles HUD

1. Hold the button to bring up the menu

2. Turn your head left/right or look up/down to highlight a screen

3. Release the button to select & move to the highlighted screen

Tapping (short pressing) the button on each screen:

- Dashboard screen: single-tap toggles screen on/clock only

- Notifications (texts) screen: single-tap to view next notification

- Music screen: single-tap to play/pause, double-tap to skip to next track, triple-tap to jump to the beginning of the song or the previous song

- Stats screen: single-tap to cycle through friends in your group

- Incoming phone call: single-tap to ignore, double-tap to answer

Note: To reset goggles (to pair with a new phone or if you are having connection or other issues): 1) Make sure the power switch is set to "off" and your goggles are not charging 2) Hold down the button, 3) While continuing to hold down the button flip the power switch to "on," 4) Continue holding down the button until the goggles restart and display a new pairing pin

Create or Join a Group

Create a group (using the app) and invite your friends to join your group or ask your friends to send you a link to join their group

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