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The App

What ski areas are included in the map?

We use Google Maps as the source for our trail maps, which provides the trail and lift names for most resorts worldwide. Any resort that has been mapped will show up in the app.

Is the App free?

Yes, with no ads or subscription fees.

How do I pair my phone with the goggles?

Go to the “Goggles” tab of the app and tap “Search for Goggles”. Make sure the goggles are switched on, and look for the pairing PIN shown on the goggles’ display.

Do I need a smartphone to use the goggles?

Yes, the goggles rely on the GPS data from a smartphone.

When will the Android App be available?

We are now live! Download the App

When will the App be available in Europe?

The app is now live in Europe! Please let us know if you are having trouble finding or downloading

Goggles & Lenses Info

Do my friends need to have the goggles for me to see their locations?

Nope! Just have your friends download our free app on the iOS store and as long as they (and you) have cell service they will show up in your goggles. For best performance, especially on mountains with spotty cell service, the goggles communicate directly with each other to keep location data fresh. For backcountry adventures, it works best when everyone has the goggles.

Are the goggles distracting?

The display sits above and out of the way of your normal line of sight, so it does not block or distract from any of the outside world. It’s easy to glance at, but also easy to forget it’s there when you’re focused on skiing. We also recommend navigating to the dashboard screen and tapping the button to switch to "time only" mode, to minimize distractions while you are actively skiing.

How do I set up the goggles?

See our user guide here

What do the charging lights mean?

The indication light on the strap shows blue when powered on, red when charging, and green when fully charged.

Are there multiple sizes?

No, the goggles are one size fits most.

How do I turn off the goggles?

There’s a small power switch on the strap. You can turn it on before putting your gloves on, and then use the goggles without worrying about accidentally turning them off.

How long does the battery last?

At least 10 hours at max brightness and freezing temperatures, typically longer.

How do I switch between the dashboard, text messages, and other functions?

Holding the button brings up the menu. You can then turn your head slightly to highlight a screen, and release the button to select it.

Can I share the goggles with my friends?

Just make sure you unpair the goggles from your phone before your friend connects.

How can I see my friends' locations in the goggles?

On the dashboard screen, you can see the distance and direction of everyone in your group that is at least 10 yards away on the compass. You can also see their locations on the stats screen when you cycle through each member of your group.

Are the goggles helmet compatible?

Yes, they fit well with pretty much every modern helmet we could get our hands on - no gaper gaps.

Are the goggle electronics safe?

Yes, REKKIE Goggles have gone through the same FCC testing that cell phones and other electrical devices with radios are required to undergo. Our FCC ID is on the underside of the goggle case.

Are the lenses impact and anti-fog rated?

Yes. The lenses passed the NSI/ISEA Z87.1-2020 tests (anti-fog and high-velocity impact)

Do they have speakers or audio built in?

The goggles connect to your bluetooth or wired headphones through your Phone app. For example, you can control music and answer/hang up phone calls that come in to your headphones through your phone. The goggles do not have a speaker built in.


Notifications are not showing up in the goggles

For iOS users, for notifications to appear in the goggles you must have notification previews set to "always" or "when unlocked" (iPhone settings --> Notifications --> Show Previews).

Connection issues

To reset goggles (to pair with a new phone or if you are having connection or other issues): 1) Make sure the power switch is set to "off" and your goggles are not charging 2) Hold down the button, 3) While continuing to hold down the button flip the power switch to "on," 4) Continue holding down the button until the goggles restart and display a new pairing pin.

Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

We use all major carriers. You’ll be asked to select a delivery method during checkout.

What is the shipping policy?

Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that our fulfillment team has received your order. Once your order is fulfilled, you will receive an email notification with your tracking information. We aim to fulfill your order and and hand-off to the shipping carrier within 1 business day. See details here

Do you ship overseas?

We currently can only ship to continental US addresses.

What is your return policy?

In general we have a 30-day return policy. See details here

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