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Introducing REKKIE Smart Snow Goggles Order Now

The Story

Henry (blue) and David (red)

Henry (orange) and Fletcher (yellow)

Founded with a single mission

REKKIE was founded in December of 2020 with a single mission: build the world's best snow goggles.

Since then, we've tested hundreds of goggles and lenses and found a way to integrate a heads up display that's there when you need it and out of the way when you don't.

Why we built REKKIE

We grew up turning through the trees and heading off the beaten path to find fresh snow. Nothing is better than the feeling that comes from heading down a familiar trail, laying down first tracks, knowing the whole group is in sync navigating the way back down to the lift.

We want every mountain experience to feel like this. REKKIE goggles allows a group to ski together, while still leaving each person free to charge down the mountain at their own pace and on their own line.

Anderson checking out the slopes and sights in the Swiss Alps


We're a group of friends that love skiing (and snowboarding) and are obsessed with creating the best snow goggles in the world.

Henry, who designs the hardware, can often be found hiking ridgelines to drop into untouched snow and has personally tested goggle durability on more than one occasion. He even won a pair of skis in a "best fall" contest (see picture).

Anderson writes software and built the REKKIE app and backend software from the ground up. He also might one day set the record for most vertical feet skied in a year.

Fletcher followed his passion for skateboarding into the snow and is the sole rider of the group. He heads up sales, finance and accounting.

David, when he's not repairing core shots to his skis from the rocks he almost cleared, leads manufacturing, marketing, and operations.

Henry ejecting from his skis while dropping into a run

On the mountain every minute counts.

- Henry

Ski rack from one of our favorite restaurants in Truckee (North Tahoe)

Our values

One of the things we love about skiing and snowboarding is how the techology is constantly evolving and skiers and riders are eager to test new designs and ideas. We've come a long way from the days of wooden skis and painfully slow single speed lifts.

We believe smart snow goggles are the next revolution in improving the experience on the slopes.

REKKIE goggles have been designed, tested, and iterated on with love and passion. These are goggles that we use every time we hit the mountain. We want these goggles to be the only ones you even consider packing for your next trip to the mountain.


Designed & Assembled in the USA

We are proud to design and assemble REKKIE products in our hometown of Cincinnati, OH. We are grateful to our partners for helping make REKKIE possible.


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