Spekter™ Low-Light Yellow Lens for REKKIE Snow Goggles

Ships December 23, 2022

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Maximize your vision on the slopes with our brand new, carefully designed Spekter™ Lens system. The result of seasons of testing and experimenting with the latest in lens technology, these lenses are ideal for overcast days, low-light conditions in the early morning and late afternoon, as well as flat light mountain conditions. This is an upgrade for REKKIE Smart Snow Goggles. Snaps in to REKKIE Goggles in just a few moments. 

Spekter Lens Highlights

  • Extreme contrast technology filters out selective (bad) wavelengths of light that confuse the eye and are common in flat light mountain conditions
  • New anti-smudge coating helps keep lenses crystal clear
  • New anti-frost coating helps prevent frosting on extremely cold or humid days 
  • Gradient reflective coating replaces the "line" from previous generation lenses for a smooth and crystal-clear view of the slopes

Additional Features

  • Anti-fog inner lens with UV 400 protection
  • Low light optimized 45% VLT (visual light transmission)
  • Scratch resistant polycarbonate outer lens with ANSI Z87.1 impact rating